The Theyyam represents a mythological, divine or heroic character

History of Theyyam

Parasurama, the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu who stemmed the propelling ocean to spare the place where there is Kerala celebrations like Kaliyattam, Puravela and Daivattam or Theyyattam to the general population of the North Malabar locale. Theyyam started from Kaliyattam. The indigenous tribal groups were given over the obligation to perform the Theyyam. These tribes included Malayar, Pana, Vannan and Velan. Velan one of the Theyyam artists is alluded to in the sangam writing. The Sangam conventions say that Velan was utilized by the moms of adoration lorn young ladies to exorcize the dangerous spirits from their little girls. All ceremonies portrayed in the sangam works and their critiques are being seen by Velan and other moving groups. The move of Velan group had taken new structures and formed into the present day clique of Theyyam over a time of 1500 years. This continuous congruity of sangam customs makes theyyam a noticeable religious arrangement of north Kerala.There are over 400 forms of theyyam. and it is a very famous Indian art globally

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Approximately 400 Types Of Theyyam