Mayoora nritham is a depiction of peacock dance . It is entirely different from other indian peacock dance available now .We provide experienced and excellent artist for welcoming parties and related events

All type of kerala cultural art forms available at your disposal .Please feel free to contact us.


Kalaripayattu's source in Kerala is followed back to the fanciful episode of the sixth symbol of Vishnu, Parashurama. Parashurama made the area now called Kerala by tossing his hatchet into the hurling ocean; the water retreated and the place that is known for Kerala ,rose. With a specific end goal to ensure the area and its kin, He is said to have presented this interesting type of military preparing. As indicated by 'Keralotpatti', the customary account of Kerala, Parashurama started 108 Kalaris and gave swords to 36,000 Brahmins. Puranas says that essentially Kalaripayattu was set up as a strict social request.

Nadan Pattukal

This is a people melody sung to propotiateGods looking for their blessings.The society tune or nadan pattu of Kerala tell stories of the area that have never been recorded. Kerala has the same number of varieties of society melodies as there are varieties in the area, atmosphere, individuals and their occupations.We provide artists for nadan patukal.